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Woodcarving and gilding repairs.

A large part of the work i carry out specialises in restoration.
Bellow are a hand full of previous jobs.


Lincoln College, Oxford, Celling project.
Full removal of all carved elements and Oak backing boards for extensive repair, re-gilding and polychroming.
The pictures bellow show some of the stages leading up to the re-fitting.


 Lincoln College Oxford Dinning Hall.
Carving repairs and refinishing.

Victorian corbel head carved in oak end-grain.
A challenging carving repair to a very fragile but nicely carved corbel head.
To be refitted at Highbury Hall Birmingham.

Belvoir castle furniture.
Replacement Rosettes and veneer repairs.

Corpus Christi college chapel, Oxford.

Bellow are a small selection of the carving repairs from a much larger scale restoration project.