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Tribute carving to a brilliant individual and dear friend.

This Carving is in tribute to the brilliant 
Gary John Wood 
21.07.80 - 22.07.17 
It is dedicated to all of his friends and family. Massive thanks to everyone who contributed and made this possible! 
RIP Gary 
You touched the lives of many and we all miss you. 
The words are extracts from the poem “If” a poem that meant a lot to Gary. The rope at the top is a symbol of his passion and high level of skill at climbing but also represents all the friendship and people that are connected through him. 
The falling Oak leaves are a nod to his work as a gardener and the Holly leaves represent his amazing wife. The plants and grass rising from the ground are symbolic of his love of the outdoors and adventure. The Stone was hand picked from a quarry in Wales from an area that Gary has climbed. 
In hindsight I can see this has been a cathartic process and one that came from my heart, I hope people like what I have come up with. As yet I do not have a final position for the slate but will make it known when it becomes clear where it will be positioned. 
Thanks again to everyone who contributed to this.

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